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HELP !!!


Warning use this info with caution "IF IT AREN'T BROKE DONT FIX IT"
 Here is some sample info that will help if it is broke, also where to obtain possible solutions. DOWNLOAD FLEXI 6.2 UPDATE Both forums listed below have a wide range of info, check them out. But everything you do is at your own risk.
A excellent getting started manual applicable for various cutters and software
You may find it necessary to Install a vinyl cutter driver, your machine maybe compatible with 1 on this page, or you may need to modify your driver as explained below.,5 to contour cut correctly with SignCut Pro_Corel_X3_4_Illustrator_CS3.pdf

Re: How to contourcut with Corel X4-Illu CS3 and Signcut pro with three reg marks


For Contour Cutting try this:

Type"TEST" in flexi, and select it, Make it about 150mm

Then go to "Effects Menu" and chose "Contour Cut"

(now make sure Design Central is on )
Design Central on Right of screen or where ever you have it pop up,

It will show "Contour" and under that you can select the size of the contour, make it big for this demo.

DONT forget to click "GREEN TICK" at bottom of Design Central box.

Then go back to "EFFECTS MENU" and chose "CONTOUR CUT MARK" to select which mark it will give you options on the design Central box 3 or 4 I think best.(scroll up or down in drop down box) DONT forget to click "GREEN TICK"

Now print "TEST" out on a printer and see what you get.

Then pretend your going to cut it out on cutter and see what you get in preview screen, after telling Flexi to cut.

Now make sure in the CUT/PLOT screen the "Convert Strokes to Outline" is ticked,
or you wont get the options to chose the colour that your going to cut.

By Default the colours to chose from will be BLACK for your text or GRAY for your contour line.
(Just need to click on the colour GRAY)

Now go to preview screen and see whats there to be cut.

Thats the basic idea.

Happy Contour Cutting !!!


Before you can cut out a bitmap or jpg image it has to be Vectorised by tracing it.
For one of the BEST graphic / drawing programs try this and its FREE !!!
Its manual website

Vectorising in inkscape

This walk through explains the basics of vectorising in inkscape.

Step 1)
Import your image. Click File>Import, find your file and click OK.
If its not a ".bmp" format convert to bitmap first, by file "Save As"

Step 2)
Select the image, go to the top of the screen, click Path>Trace Bitmap.

Step 3)
The Trace Bitmap menu will then open. Here you can select how you want your image vectorised and adjust the settings. You can also generate a preview.
Once you are happy with the preview click OK and close the Trace Bitmap screen.

Step 4)
Inport into Flexi, Overlay Vector underneath, Now you will have your new vector image and the old raster (bitmap,) image stacked on top of each other.
Click on "Effects" Menu, Insert Contour Cut (Crop) Marks
When done Print or Save in format to print else where.

Now scroll back up and read "For Contour Cutting try this"

Contour Cutting in Flexi Pro with a Laserpoint/P-Cut etc
(more info on link)

PLEASE NOTE MAKE SURE YOUR USING FLEXIPRO BEFORE DOING THIS (but it still might help regardless of version.) cutting in flexisign-pro with a laserpoint cutter. this took me a while to figure out so here it goes. Their is not a specific driver in flexi for the laserpoint so I modified the "Creation-PCut.csm" configuration file located in "C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\OutputDrivers\" you can open this file with notepad. Test page I used the plotter pen to to test with and determine the laser offsets. I drew a 1" square in flexi, checked wireframe in the Fill/Stroke Editor. Select the square, click the effects and select contour cut, make the offset 0.00" and apply RIP and print the job. make sure the position is .500 for X and 0.00 for Y These settings can be changed but the offset will have to be added to values in the driver configuration file.
In the Advanced Tab of Rip and Print click the contour box and use Vertical Registration Marks

Remove the printed page from the printer and load it into the cutter. Make sure the output media is straight, and align the registration mark number 1 to the laser point of the cutter.
Set the origin and put the cutter online. Click the Send button,
this should now print to your printer, and send the cut job to the PM
Contour cutting is now done through the PM the file untitled.job under your cutter will not cut, it must be saved first then opened as a Plot File -a little tricky
Highlight this file and save in native format (untitled.plt for example) then open it up with the cutter highlighted
now delete the untitled.job and send untitled.plt to your cutter from the PM you now will have 2 squares on the paper, measure the difference between the squares, mine were .172 and .600 measured with dial calipers now we use these offsets to mod the Creation-PCut.csm file make a backup of the file first open C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\OutputDrivers\Creation-PCut.csm change line "09:$1016.0,0,0,0,8388807,$" to "09:$1016.0,-.172,-.600,0,8388807,$" see where the -.172 and -.600 go they will be negative values modify line 09 as it pertains to your width printer save the changes close the pm and restart it. Make another test, not from the file you just made, but create a new one from Rip and Print
If all goes well the you will plot a square over the printed square.



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